貧乏留学日記 in Australia

I'm studying English and massage on Gold Coast !!!    

198 days English ver

It has past about 2 weeks since when I entered the massage school.

I'm taking a lecture of anatomy and physiology but I could hardly understand what the teachers were saying because my listening skills is not enough yet.
I have no choice only review a text books after take a lecture.

However, I'm really enjoying studying that because it's related with my body and health.
I have to remenber huge number of bones and muscles over the a few months but I'll do my best for my massage skills.

I've been spending relax at home recentlly but I'm starting a massage job from tomorrow So I try to study hard.

It's waiting for me to return to japan temporaly 2 months later.

I resumed to do yoga to care about my body because doing massage is very hard.
If my body get damage, I can't do massage.
Doing yoga is very good for my health because after yoga, my body become light.
I can keep peace of mind because I repeat deeP breath and stretch.

I'm thinking of going to Bali this year to relax and do yoga.
I get the feeling that Bali call me.....
I'm not sure whether true or fals....
If I finish the first stage of massage school, I'll leave to Bali!!

I have to improve my English skilld at the same time.
Talking opportunity is lessing because I already graduate from language school...
I neet to take a online English.......
I'll do my best!!!!


198 days






































192 days

I need to read the text books about massage.
It's hard to read completely because everything's English but I never give up.

My landloder prepared the BBQ for us in denner time.
It was very delicious everyfoods which was made from my landloder.
He has a good cooking skills.
He said us that he liked prepairing some meal to people because If they eat his foods, everyone is made happy.
People who eat his foods get smile.
I admired of his notion.
Even if I make some foods to people, People won't satasfied because my cooking skills not enough.

however, It's will getting better.

By the way, I can't make up mind which foods to chouse when I return to japan temporary.
I'm not sure eating first whether gudon or sushi.

In massage school, I really care about my English skills....
I know that It's not good to compare myself to other people.
I know.......
Just because I don't speak English fluentry, doesn't mean people don't like me.
I need to have positive thinking!!!
I should have talked classmate more when I went to the langage school.
How many English skills do I have??
I don't know !!!
leave it to your imagination!!!

190 days

I went at the airport to say goodbye to my friend who went to the same language school today.
I couldn't feel that she was gone to japan...
we will be able to meet again in japan.

By the way, I bought a printer to copy the texts which need of massage school.
When I was copying it, the ink finished So I didn't copy all texts.
I needed to buy new one So I bought it...
It was quite expensive....

I can't concentrate writing the blog because I studied a massage all day...
I have to do more.....but..........
It's difficult to balance studying English and massage....



186 days

I'm beginning to answer of questions to improve my English skills.
I've found a list of conversation using English on website.
I'll do practice everyday.

I live in first floor.
The house owner lives in second floor.
it is noisy footsteps every day because He walk around on the floor while he is talking on his phone.
He always say"fack!!fack!!fack!!
I don't know who is talking with him.
It's very annoying......
Please don't do that.....
I can't stand it any longer.


185 days

I went to ashmore to buy some clothes today.
especially, I really wanted to buyswim wear.
I looked around some shops to see pretty it but I didn't find good one.
especially, I really wanted to buy good one in the end.
So I didn't buy anything there...

I spent only traffic fare to go there today..
I thought I would buy nice one before because my friends recomended there.
I realize that I don't like shopping.
I've known that before when I came to Australia because I saved money studying abroad for 2 years.
I got use to it because I didn't buy anything such as clothes when I lived in japan.

After that, I took a bus and go to shouthport to go to the officewoker to buy paper.
I used to live in shouthport but I couldn't like living there.
I'm likely to like on Gold Coast because I moved to miami.

After I bought a paper, I went to shopping center to see some shops.
Then, I bought a water bottle and a swim ware which is black.
I need to lose weight to wear it......
I promise I do yoga every morning.....

My friend invited me to her house So I went there.
I enjoyed to swim and eat which is made from her.
That was sooo goooood!!!
I learned from her how to cook green curry.
It was very easy to cook So I'll cook it someday.
She also going to go to same massage school 5 months later.
I'm looking forward to meeting her there.
She seems like a mother because she is over 40 years old.
This is a big decition of her life because she is a mother and have a daughter.
I proud of her.

I'm really nice to her.


184 days

Recently, I have a lot of time to relax because I don't have the school until this friday.
I'm watching Youtube, netflix and so on.
I have to review the text books which learned last friday.

I need to copy some text from website but I can't yet because the printer isn't delivered.
I bought it last thuesday but the online shop doesn't accept my payment yet.
I'm worried whether my payment correct because I 've chousen direct deposit.
I'll see and wait...

This is off topick but I went to burleigh heads to climb a hill with my friends yesterday.
It was so beautiful to see the sea from the hill.
We could also look over a holizon.
We met up in bus stop.
I got there riding a bycicle about 10 minuts.
It was quite firster then I expected before.
After climbed, we went to a restaurant where is famouse on Gold Coast to eat lunch.

I've eaten a beef burger for the first time in a while.
It was sooo goood!!!
We enjoyed a casual chat each other.
We have a same goal.
we can help each other to learn massage.

I'm obsessed with serching about travell abroad because this is my hobby.
I'll probably go to bali this year to relax and take a massage.
This is my motication to study....